Kent Over 40s Racketball

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After a disappointing 1st round where we lost all of our matches 2-1 we took the long journey to Liverpool to play Warwickshire, Lancashire and Merseyside in a relegation battle.

The 1st match v Merseyside was a one sided affair with Mark Steeden and Rob Lewis winning with ease and Mark Banfield having 3 tight games but final result was a 3-0 victory for Kent.

The 2nd match v Lancashire was again a one sided affair with Mark Steeden dropping his 1st game of the whole competition but eventually winning his tie 3-1, the other 2 rubbers were both won 3-0, so the final result was another 3-0 result for Kent.

The 3rd match v Warwickshire was on paper going to be a much tougher match with Warwickshire having beaten us in January , Mark Steeden was back to his dominating ways and winning in comfort, 3-0, Rob on the other hand was having a bit of a battle eventually winning 3-1 but going through 2 markers and a vast array of vocabulary . Mark B had his toughest match of the weekend winning a tough match 3-2.

With Kent winning all 3 matches we are now back in the Premier Division next season.

Mark Banfield

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