Kent Racketball Team Promoted

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On the weekend of 22nd February, Kent Racketball team headed off to Dorset for the final stage of the Inter County. Kent had many of there regularly players missing, but with the return of Ted Jeal and debut appearance from Steve Pratt, Billy Jones and Nick Easton. The squad was in good shape.

Team –

  1. Ted Jeal
  2. Steve Pratt
  3. Billy Jones
  4. Matt Badger
  5. Nick Easton

Results are as follows –

Kent vs Cornwall (won 3-2)

Ted Jeal (W)

Steve Pratt (W)

Billy Jones (L)

Matt Badger (W)

Nick Easton (L)

Kent vs Dorset (lost 1-4)

Ted Jeal (W)

Steve Pratt (L)

Billy Jones (L)

Matt Badger (L)

Nick Easton (L)

Kent vs Norfolk (won 4-1)

Ted Jeal (W)

Steve Pratt (W)

Billy Jones (L)

Matt Badger (W)

Nick Easton (W)

Final places were

1.       Dorset (Promoted)

2.       Kent (Promoted)

3.       Cornwall

4.       Norfolk

So Kent is back into the top league where we belong. Well done to all the lads who played and thanks to the other players who played in the first stages.

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Racketball Inter County Stage 1 RESULTS

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Last weekend was stage 1 of the Racketball Inter County, held at Ipswich (Suffolk).

Kent was up against Suffolk (Hosts), Surrey and Northfolk.

Leading up to this weekend many of the top-flight players where injured last minute or away with other plans.
So between Sam Stabler and Zeb Young it was a battle to find a strong enough team to compete against the unknown counties. Kent was relegated from the top division at the beginning of the year (this was down to a particular person, but that’s another story). So the team that was picked was –


  1. Zeb Young
  2. Adam Young
  3. Elliott Knight
  4. Mark Banfeild
  5. Trevor Grant

So big thanks to the whole team for making them self’s available to play for Kent.

So first match on the Saturday was Kent vs Northfolk and it couldn’t of started any better –

Kent won 5 / 0

Zeb 3/0
Adam 3/0
Elliot 3/1
Mark 3/0
Trevor 3/0

Next up was against the hosts Suffolk and again Kent was just far to strong for the hosts –

Kent won 4 / 1

Zeb 3/0
Adam 3/0
Elliot 3/0
Mark 3/2
Trevor 1/3

So after two great matches the pressure was off Kent, as they knew that what ever the result was going to be on the Sunday, they had enough points to qualify to the next stage.

Just as well Kent did have enough points, because Kent celebrated in style as the Racketball team always does by have a big night out. So due to the big night out the whole team was feeling slightly sorry for them self’s and all lost apart from the young Trevor Grant who won 3/0.

Kent vs Surrey – Lost 1 / 4

So once again, well done to the Kent Racketball team and fingers crossed that we win the next stage to get our self’s back up to the top Division where Kent belongs.


Posted by Samuel Stabler on September 26, 2012 at 13:11

Ps. To all those County squash players and any other good squash players, it’s about time that you got involved and start playing racketball. You’ve only got to look at the two top Racketball county teams. Everyone one of there players are county squash players…


Racketball Kent Closed 2011 Results

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Sorry for the late reply on the results.

Due to lack of entries from the age groups, only the Mens main event was held. This was a real shame as was hoping to improve from last year which was a success.

There was a good turn out in the mens main. Couple of the age group players joined in to make it a 16 draw competition.

Unfortunately 3rd seeded Toby Mortimor pulled out with injury and after one match, 2nd Seed Sam Stabler had to with draw from the comp. This gave Matt Badger (4th seed) an opening to the final which he did, to play Ted Jeal in the Main final.

Adam Young played the O45’s Alan Saxen in the Mens final Plate. Unfortunately for Alan, Adam had the legs and was victorus 3-1.

Ted played Matt in the mens final and lead the first two games comfortably, but Matt battled on to win the third. Matt couldn’t repeat his performance in the fourth, to let Ted win 3-1.

A very big thank you to Toby Mortimor for running the competition on the day as Sam Stabler had to leave due to personal reasons. And thanks to all who played and watched.

Posted by Samuel Stabler on February 23, 2011 at 16:31

Kent’s racketball team still holds its unbeaten run.

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Congratulations to the Kent Racketball team for reaching the next round of the Inter County racketball championships.

1. Sam Stabler (Capt)
2. Adam Young
3. Matt Badger
4. Zeb Young
5. Scott Sumner

Kent was up against Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire (2007 champions) and Dorset.
The first match was against Warwickshire and they didn’t know what hit them. Scott ‘I hate playing at 5’ Sumner and Matt ‘the stealth’ Badger was on first with two very convincing wins, both winning 3/0. Next up was rookie Zeb ‘The pit-bull’ Young and Sam ‘can’t read a map’ Stabler. Once again the 1 seed and 4 seed were to strong for the Warwickshire lads winning 3/0, 3/1. Last on Adam ‘The Hulk’ Young, was under treasure because he knew he couldn’t be the only loser. Well at 2-2 and 9-4 down, it looked like this was going to happening, but out of nowhere he came back and won 11-9. Think his opponent wanted a drugs test. So a good start for Kent winning 5/0.

Next up was 2007 champions Buckinghamshire who are the hosts. We knew this was going to be a tough match, but again Kent was just to strong for the opponents with Sam, Matt, Zeb and Scott all winning 3/1 or 3/0. But there was one hiccup Adam Young was up against our old squash coach Steve Bateman. Already, Adam had lost this game in his head before he even stepped foot on the court. With all the banter that comes with the old man Bateman, Adam lost 3/0 and that came with a lot of stick due to that fact he was the only loser of the day, especially to an old git like Bateman. Kent winning 4/1.

So after two great wins on the Saturday, this meant that the Kent team was already through to the next round, no matter what result we got on the Sunday, which lead the way for the Kent team to celebrated as they only know best…Thai food, beer, spirits, shots and then followed by Champagne & red ball, oh and more shots. One of the Warwickshire lads, Stuart tagged along, not knowing what he was getting himself into. Stuart mentioned to Adam half way through the night saying ‘You Kent boys are mental’ I really don’t know why he would say a thing like that, but then again as you can tell by the photos, it did get slightly out of control. Scotts room some how ended up side down ha ha, that will teach you Scott to pinch the best room.

Sunday 11.00 and the Kent team was ready to play Dorset, well Dorset was up for it.
Matt and Scott both won, with Scott playing in slow motion saying the floors were moving. Zeb and Sam went on next, with Zeb losing 3/0, forgetting totally how to play racketball. Next up was Adam who also forgot how to play racketball, losing 3/0, shots from the night before differently had a say in their results. While this was all going on, Sam next door was still playing his fourth game, which went 2-2. This was not good for Sam as he was trying not to be sick or pass out, knowing that he had to win to get a 100% win for the Kent team. With a little encouragement from the team, Sam battled to win it for the team 11/6. His opponent blamed his lose, due to the fact he was woken up at 4.30 in the morning where he was staying. He said it sounded like someone trashing one of the rooms. God knows who that could have been!

Warning to all, never, never ever drink Champagne & red ball the night before you play.

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