How to post on the Forum

  1. Register on the Kent SRA website
  2. Login
On any page, eg Home page, go to “ +New” to the left of the black bar and click on “Post” on the drop down menu.
Click on the “Add Title” field and enter the title of the post
Click on the + sign (hover underneath the title) and click on what you want to add first. If there’s a photo best it goes at the top. Click “Image” and drag the photo to the box that appears. You can add a caption if wanted.
To add text repeat but select “paragraph”. Type or cut and paste the text from a prewritten document. You can add a whole report in one go. Add heading first etc if wanted.

Hit the “Preview” button at the top right to see what it will look like. Then close the preview page. Repeat if changes are are made.

When you post on the Forum, the website is set to auto-post links to Facebook and Twitter showing the first photo of the post. To prevent auto-posting, go to the bottom of the page and untick the auto-posting boxes.

When all is OK hit the “Publish” button top right, confirm publication details and it will then be posted.