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By 23 April 2020 Forum

With another three week restrictions now in place it’s important for us all to work together and focus upon postivity and creativity via all digital means possile. This is the latest from a number of national and county video meetings:


Some ideas that arose and were discussed at the ES county chair meeting:

  • 30 minute sessions for the juniors in the county – to this extent Nick Peel, Maidstone is running regular live Zoom sessions for juniors.
  • Using the downtime to develop a cohesive strategy for the coming year and season.
  • Online coaching sessions for a fee.
  • Coaches offering vouchers to be redeemed post-lockdown interspersed between paid for sessions
  • Social media posts – live interviews; video fitness sessions; video tricks; online quiz, fun facts, etc.
  • Ensure all clubs are keeping in touch with their members.
  • Possibility for clubs to use the time to clean down and sanitise in preparation for the return of play?

Useful pro player, club challenges and informative links:

  • Use the England Squash #SquashAtHome where-ever possible via social media. To link up and see the ingenius ways other individuals countrywide are keeping engaged click here
  • Lots of stay in work out online fitness programmes are being provided by all level of players and great to see our own Martin Clark, Rodmersham included – click here


There are three main points for everyone at county level to consider and be involved with developing:

  1. Potential return August – ‘Jamboree’ of squash with tournaments targeted at all groups; Juniors, Adults, Ladies, Racketball, Doubles (Squash and Racketball).
    Mixed ability team matches with top end players graded by Squashlevels with the aim is to engage as many clubs hosting tournaments as possible every weekend, not one club per area.
  2. Support network for coaches – virtual sessions and updating certification courses.
  3. The Kent talent pathway poster is being designed by Tom Woods, Rodmersham and will be distributed to all clubs when completed. It will include a new KJA, (Kent Junior Academy), logo to umbrella all our county clubs who have an ES registered coach providing the recommended schools and junior academy structure.

To be involved and raise any other points please join either of the weekly scheduled Zoom video meetings:

  • Coaches every Tuesday at 2pm – email request for invite click here
  • Club Chair/any representatives weekly every Tuesday at 7:30pm – email request for invite click here

Keep connecting, liking and sharing each others posts via your own social media channels and our KSRA can be found at the folowing:
Twitter – @Kent_SRA
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/KentSquash/

There is also KSR News Whats App group and anyone wanting to join please forward a phone number.

You have a voice and now more than ever there’s no excuse to keep in touch and share experiences to see us all through this period in time.

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