Kent SRA AGM: Minutes and Chairman’s Report for 2013-14

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The 67th Kent SRA AGM was held on the 25 June 2014.

The officers elected to the Executive Committee were:
President: Mandy Akin
Chairman: Mike Burchell
Treasure: Richard Antcliff
Secretary: John Greenwood

The Kent SRA levies are now £1 per junior and £5 per adult. The AGM considered this increase was to a figure modest in comparison to other racket sports yet will be “game changing” as regards the extra support that can be given to Juniors development and participation, for example.

The Minutes of the AGM and the Chairman’s Report are attached.

Download (PDF, 43KB)

Download (PDF, 17KB)

KENT SRA Annual General Meeting 2014

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The 67th Annual General Meeting of the Kent Squash & Racketball Association will be held on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 at Bexley Park Sports & Social Club, Calvert Drive, Dartford DA2 7GA starting at 7.30pm.

Each club and organisation in membership of the Association is entitled to send two representatives to the AGM with each present representative being entitled to one vote.

I emailed a detailed announcement of the AGM to all club chairman last week. If any chairman did not receive it please let me know so I can update my records and resend it to you and the agenda when settled.

John Greenwood

Posted by John Greenwood on May 17, 2014 at 6:21


Kent AGM minutes

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held at Bexley Park Social Club

20th June 2012

 Present                                                                                                                                                Apologies from

Alan Thatcher                    Mike Burchell                                                                    Sean Harris

Richard Antcliff                 Len Locke                                                                            Mary Scott-Miller

Mark Sykes                         Mark Johnson                                                                   Patti Mills

Dinesh Bansal                    Dave Verga                                                                         Andrew Moss

Dave Ealham                      Ann Sewell                                                                         Geoff Dinsdale

Graham Moscrop             Peter Graham                                                                   Joe Magor

Steve Franks                      Tony Beddoe                                                                     Naomi Duthie

John Williams                     Peter Lewis                                                                        Sam Stabler

In Attendance – Paul Fennell   Regional Manager, England Squash & Racketball

 The 65th  AGM was opened by the President Alan Thatcher at 8pm

1.       Apologies for Absence were noted

2.       Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting were accepted 

  1. 3.       There were no matters arising


  1. 4.       Chairman referred to his written report, copies of which were circulated before and were available at the meeting.  A number of points were highlighted in his presentation:


  • It had been a difficult year dominated by concerns about finance.  Tighter control of expenditure is required and action needs to be taken to increase income.
  • Our largest cost is supporting inter-county teams, we will be setting budgets for each team so that we have more certainty about expenditure.  Savings will be made in league administration costs.
  • After submitting a paper to the Council meeting of England Squash, we will be introducing a £1 per adult member additional affiliation fee, subject to approval by the AGM.  This should raise an additional £2,500.
  • The fees for entering the Kent leagues are quite low compared to other counties, increases are proposed.
  • The Management Committee is a large and cumbersome group. On a number of occasions when it has met, there has not been a quorum.  A revised Constitution for Kent SRA is before the meeting, the main revision is the introduction of a small  Executive Committee, together with three other committees ‘Kent Teams’ ‘Juniors’ & Internal ‘Leagues & Rules’.  The objective is to empower the three sub-committees and make clear who is responsible for what.
  • The Kent Development Plan remains central to our focus, if we are to continue with and grow the sport in Kent, sustained effort is required to bring in new players of all ages and both sexes.  Steve Franks has done a sterling job with the hub-clubs over the year and has obtained a grant from Sport England to continue the work in schools.
  • A very successful County Junior Closed was held at Bexley in September. My thanks to Richard Henley for organising this.  Our strategy continues to be the development of juniors to enable them to successfully participate in inter-county competitions.
  • Congratulations to the Boys Under 17 team for winning the inter-county final.  Congratulations also go to Boys Under 13 team, Gina Kennedy (Girls Under 15 title), Amelia Henley, Brad Masters, James Evans and Josh Masters.
  • A special thanks to Steve Chapman who is standing down after several years running the junior leagues which continue to grow with more teams entering. Steve Franks will manage the leagues with support from John Sargeant.
  • Our senior teams enjoyed mixed fortunes this year with the Men’s Senior team and O55s both gaining promotion, the ladies senior team just missing promotion and the ladies O40s finishing 4th.  Thanks go to all of the team captains who represented the county this year.
  • There was a large entry for the men’s county closed tournament which was held in January with Ted Jeal retaining his title. Thanks to Joe Magor and Gabby Manvell for organising the event.
  • Kent were delighted to host some of the pre-qualifier matches for the British Open. My thanks go to John Williams and Park Langley for hosting the event.
  • The Kent Open was held at the end of June and as a PSA event draws some of the world’s top 100 players to the county, this year’s entry is even stronger.  Thanks to SE Leisure for its generous support



  1. 5.       The Treasurer presented the draft accounts to the meeting.


  • There had been a loss of over £7k in the last year and over £18k in the last 3 years.
  • Options for managing the finances going forward were reviewed, the effect of various levels of league entry fees were considered.
  • The costs of the inter-county teams for the last year were reviewed and consideration was given to the proposed inter-county team budget limits.
  • The financial effect of the Kent Affiliation Fee of £1 was discussed.  Consideration was given to increasing this figure but it was agreed by the meeting that we should stay as proposed on the agenda.
  • The reasons for the current financial position were reviewed.  The contribution to Kent SRA for teams entering the county leagues had been £15 (Winter)/£10(Summer) for over 10 years.  Annual increases should have been made so that increased expenditure on inter-county teams would have been met without reducing the county’s financial reserves.  The proposed £60 per team for league entry is consistent with the average entry fee in other counties.
  • It was noted that some teams had been advised that they would be removed from the county leagues for not paying their ESR affiliation fees.
  • The audited accounts were adopted.



  1. 6.       The proposed revised Kent Squash & Racketball Association Constitution was adopted unanimously


  1. 7.       The proposed Kent League Entry Fees of


  • Mens Squash & Racketball           £60 per team
  • Ladies Squash                                    £30 per team
  • Juniors                                                  £30 per team

                were adopted unanimously



  1. 8.       The proposed adoption of a £1.00 per adult player Kent SRA Affiliation fee was carried unanimously.


  1. 9.       The proposed Expenses Procedure was adopted unanimously


  1. 10.   The proposed adoption of the Inter-County Team budgets was carried unanimously


  1. 11.   The following officers were elected unopposed


  • Chairman                                             Mike Burchell
  • Treasurer                                            Richard Antcliff
  • Secretary                                             Len Locke
  • Fixtures Secretary                           Joe Magor
  • Honorary Auditor                             Umesh Patel
  • Honorary Level Advisor                 Chris Brewer



  1. Any Other Business

(a)          Paul Fennell –  presented his report on the current state of squash in England

  • Regular participation continues to be flat – but in the context of other sports, which are nearly all in decline – this is remarkably positive
  • Downward trend in 30-44 age group but growth in 45-64 group
  • Increase in higher education participation
  • Racketball performing strongly
  • Sport England like us – we hit all their targets – looks like same funding as before
  • ES have some key priorities which include – universities, leisure centres and members clubs
  • Relationship between Kent & ES, is at an all time high with ideas for improvement
  • ES will fight all potential court closures, ES believe they have slowed the trend
  • Following Paul Fennell’s presentation on behalf of ESR, the floor debated the future of Kent squash. We enjoy considerable success at junior level and the men’s county leagues continue to operate successfully. However, women’s team squash has almost disappeared, although Steve Franks reported the growth at grass-roots level and anticipated a new style of competition based at local clubs or in various towns throughout the county, including Maidstone, Sittingbourne and Canterbury. All clubs were urged to support the Kent Development Programme. Support is available from Kent SRA and ESR to support any clubs who wish to develop the sport and their own facilities, and those who may need help in sustaining operations


(b)          The President asked for any comments on the Kent Development document    prepared by Steve Franks the Kent Development Officer.

  • There were no comments from the floor
  • Mike Burchell drew the attention of the meeting to the remarkable job that Steve is doing for Kent, not only involving schools around Kent to try taster sessions, 6 weeks courses, arrange sessions for clubs, talking to clubs of how to increase there membership, involving more court usage, arranging finance via KCC & ES, he thanked him for all his hard work in this field.


(c)           Graham Moscrop (Bexley) proposed a vote of thanks to John Bunce who was retiring as Chairman of the Priory League.


(D)          Dave Ealham (Mote) proposed a vote of thanks to the Treasurer for the hard work he had done to deal with the financial situation.

The  President asked the floor for any other business, there being none,

he thanked all those that attended and closed the meeting at 21.44

Posted by Len Locke on June 22, 2012 at 14:47

Priory AGM

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Is it only me – or is anyone else surprised by the lack of last minute panic from some of the remoter clubs about where and when the Priory AGM is?

Dartford on Thursday is a bit of a treck for some; but let’s hope those who do make it have read and considered some of the proposed rule changes before they get there.   Could be a long night otherwise.

Posted by John Creek on May 1, 2012 at 10:41 


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The Kent SRA Annual General Meeting, held at Medway Sports Park on Monday, amplified the message that the county is determined to promote the growth of the sport at all levels.

The main bullet points from the meeting are as follows:


The programme currently includes Eight Hub Clubs, all linked to schools to attract new junior participants.

Under-11 and Under-13 feeder squads have already been established following a successful first year of the programme, with coaching from Naomi Duthie and Steve Franks


The Chairman reported that the Kent Open and Kent Squash Festival served as a significant shop-window for the promotion of squash within the county and The Mote Squash Club were thanked for staging another successful tournament which generated valuable publicity and involved a large number of junior players.


Following a change in policy, England Squash and Racketball decided not to renew the contracts of county development officers.

The responsibility for the post now rests with Kent SRA and, following the excellent work already undertaken by Steve Franks, the county prepared a contract offer (with support from ESR) to enable him to continue in the role of Kent Development Officer.


All Kent clubs are urged to support World Squash Day, which takes place on November 5th and is dedicated this year to creating a new generation of female players.

Clubs are invited to hold open days to attract new female members with the accent on fun and fitness.

Ideas for events can be found on the website:

With women’s team squash virtually extinct in most parts of the UK, fresh ideas are being sought to develop a new combination of fun, friendly and competitive frameworks for women’s squash.


Mention was made of the growing number of junior successes being recorded by the county, and thanks were expressed to the players, parents, clubs and coaches who have made this possible.


Graham Moscrop and John Bunce have indicated their intent to retire as secretary and chairman of the Priory League. Richard Antcliff has volunteered to take on the role of Priory League secretary and is seeking others to take other roles.


With volunteer officials hard to come by, a working party was established to examine the rules of both the Priory League and Outer Kent League with a view to producing one set of Kent rules to be applied to both competitions.

The rules of county cup competitions which involve clubs from both leagues are under the auspices of the Kent SRA and one set of rules shall apply.


The county recorded a substantial operating loss in the past 12 months, largely due to the cost of fielding county teams in inter-county competitions across a wide range of age-groups.

It was agreed that senior age-group squads will be invited to become self-supporting, and seek their own sponsorship rather than further deplete the county’s diminishing financial reserves.


It was agreed that the opportunity to play in the many county squads should be open to all, and that competition for places should be open and keenly contested. It was hoped that the county Masters events will be well supported and that county ranking lists will ensue across the age groups.


Mike Burchell (Chairman) and Len Locke and Joe Magor (Joint Secretaries) were all unanimously re-elected.

Treasurer Mike Sofianos tendered his resignation and Richard Antcliff (Wells) volunteered to take over subject to clarification of the role and his personal availability.


The Chairman thanked President Alan Thatcher, Treasurer Mike Sofianos and Secretary Len Locke for their efforts in keeping the county going after the sudden and tragic death of Ian Wright.

Medway Sports Park were thanked for the provision of the meeting room for the AGM.

Posted by Alan Thatcher on September 24, 2011 at 17:39