Cornwallis Cup Final

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The final will be held at Canterbury SC on Saturday 18th April, starting at 3.30pm between Canterbury OKent 1 vs Canterbury Priory 1.

For any spectators the post code for the club is CT2 7LR.

The other two Cup finals have been cancelled postponed, between Canterbury 2 vs Bexley 4, and Canterbury 3 vs Bromley CC, neither of the two Priory teams could arrange a team in the time scale, although the dates were circulated four weeks ago, and on the web site.

Cornwallis Cup

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A great afternoon of squash was had at Mote SC yesterday afternoon.

Bexley LTS&R took the Cornwallis Cup unopposed.

The Dulwich 2 played Mote 2 for the Ian Wright trophy, it was a decisive win for Dulwich.

Parklangley 5 played Biddenden 2 for the Mike Westrup trophy with Parklangley coming through to win 4-1.

The trophies were presented by John Greenwood, Secretary – Kent SRA.



Dulwich Team L-R, Chris Clark, Will Nicholson, Team Manager Ravi Dogra, Dave Kettle, Chris Wilkes, Olly Ruff



Parklangley Team L- R Paul Kaye, Robbie Finch, Anthony Nickalls, Adam Rich and Richard Martin

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Cornwallis Cup

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Not sure who to tell, or where to post the result of our Cornwallis Cup game last night against Kings, so hopefully this will get to the right person…

Thought I would try a match report too, if anyone is interested, if not don’t read on and Rodmersham won 5:0.

A tough match started early with Neil Baker V Duane Harrison at No.1.  When the rest of the Rodmersham team turned up Neil was 1:0 down and 7:4 down in the 2nd, with Duane playing really well, he took the 2nd game too.  2:0 Duane.  A little talk to Neil saw him race off to get the third 9:0 but then Duane came back strong in the 4th to get to match ball, he had about 4 of these until Neil managed to peg it back to 8:8 then take it 10:8 – 2:2  This seems to be a pattern for their matches, with Neil more than capable of winning 3:0 on paper, but Duane more than capable of tearing that bit of paper up.  Anyway Neil came through a very tough (for Duane) fifth to take the match 3:2 – 1:0 Rodmersham – Well played Duane, I would blame the marker.

Next up were the No. 5’s – Craig Blundy v’s Owen Moelwyn-Hughes.  For anyone who has played Craig, they will know he hit’s the ball well, but for those of you who haven’t seen Owen play, I can tell you don’t leave it loose as he will put it into the nic. With similar styles of play, fortunately Craig was on form and managed to put the ball just that little bit too far out of reach for most of the match and won a fairly comfortable 3:0 – 2:0 Rodmersham

Next up No.3’s – Graeme Tyndall V Tom Woods (me)  This started as a very competitive game with the first rally seeing us both stretched all over the court, and then also the second very much the same.  But a ball called down by the marker to give me a 2:0 lead in the 1st game seemed to put Graeme off, and he returned the next 7 serves pretty much into the tin.  With the loss of 3 points and Graeme breaking a racket across his foot in frustration, I won 3:0 – not at all how after the first 2 rallies I thought it would end up. 3:0 Rodmersham

Next – 4’s – Martin Clark v’s Byrom Boutorabi – This match was on at the same time as John and Tom M on the other court so didn’t see too much of it, but Martin fresh from his Triathlon training before the match seemed to effortlessly be able to play some awful squash, I saw one boast from the back go out of court on the front wall.  Byrom worked Martin hard throughout the game, taking the 2nd to make it 1:1 but Martins experience and in the end fitness and not finesse saw him take the match 3:1, I think Martin needs to play more squash.  4:0 Rodmersham.

No.2’s – This was a very good match to watch with Tom playing and moving as well as I have seen him.  Some great backhand drops and tight hitting that enabled Tom to take the 1st game 9:6.  John managed to get the upper hand in the 2nd again after some punishing rallies and great pickups from both players, not pretty squash but fast paced hard hitting seemed to be the tactic of the night.  The same happened in the 3rd with John taking it to go 2:1 up and then the 4th looked to be going the same way too, only to see Tom somehow manage to win it and take it to a decider.  John showed his experience and pulled out a lead and took the 5th 9:2. Tom played really well but, John is on a crash diet and even been playing squash more than once a week since Christmas, with about 1 stone less lard to carry around his court movement seems to be returning pretty quickly.

So overall a 5:0 win to Rodmersham with some great squash to watch. well played everyone.

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The Outer Kent Cornwallis Finals were held at Rodmersham last night with all matches well attended and supported. Results are as below:

Cornwallis Main:


Rodmersham 1 beat Waterfront 1 


Neil Baker V Duane Harrison         1 – 3

John Brewer V Mark Steeden        3 – 1

Tom Woods V Matt Badger            3 – 2

Martin Clark V Stuart Eastman       3 – 0

Craig Blundy V Graham Cutting     3 – 1



Cornwallis A:


Rodmersham 2 beat Biddenden 1  


Mark Hobday V Gary Marshall        3 – 1

Ian Hatch V Herbie Morgan            3 – 0

Thommo V Pat Burt                        2 – 3

Mark Jones V Robin Wilson            3 – 1

Paul Deboos V Chris Gorman         3 – 1



Cornwallis B:


Rodmersham 4 Lost Black Lion 3 


Jerry Whatford V Phil Fray           1 – 3

Dan Brown V Damien Cassin        3 – 0

Angie White V Selwyn Fisher       1 – 3

Amelia Henley V Stan Hunt          3 – 2

Cathy Henley V Dave Brewer       2 – 3


A very good turn out from both home and visiting supporters.

Many thanks to the Rodmersham management for supplying balls and courts free of charge and the excellent spread of food, Len Locke for managing the Cornwallis competition throughout, Graham Appleby for organising the trophies, Geoff Walker for paying the bill, last but not least, all the players for giving their all on a successful evening.

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Rodmersham Squash Club was the venue for this years Cornwallis Cup Finals and this brought together Waterfront and Mote to contest the Division 1 Final.

A terrific contest ensued with Waterfront taking first blood with a victory for Duane Harrison over Hadley Neale at 1st string.

Darren Heathfield then evened things up for Mote defeating Stuart Eastman in a hard hitting battle.

There then followed the two longest matches of the evening Jonny Powell (Mote) v Mark Steadman (Waterfront) and James Evans (Mote) v Matt Badger (Waterfront). Both went to the wire with Mark eventually just pipping Jonny, and James just edging out Matt.

So it came down to the final pairing of the evening Adrian Humphries (Mote Captain) v Graham Cutting (Waterfront). Graham got off to an excellent start taking the first fairly comfortably with a slightly nervous looking Adrian winning only a handful of points. Things looked grim for the Mote. However a quick team talk with Darren saw Adrian come out with renewed vigour and he cruised through the second. The third and fourth games saw some terrific rallies with Graham having picked up some of Gary Clarkes diving tecniques and retrieving some irretrievable balls. This however only delayed the inevitable as Adrian was now playing with more confidence and the ‘Big Man’ took the third and fourth games to seal the win in his tie and victory for the Mote.


A great match played in the right spirit

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Rodmersham Squash Club was ‘Rocking’ with spectators and players for the Cornwallis Cup Finals last night, there was some first class squash from all six teams, resulting in spectators drifting around all the courts, it was also good to see supporters from other clubs their during this grand night of squash …okay here’s the results…

Cornwallis Cup – Winners MOTE – runner ups Waterfront

MOTE will represent Outer Kent against Dulwich, the winners playing in the National Club Competition – Good luck boys.

Cornwallis Cup A – Winners BLACK LION – runner ups Folkestone

Congratulations to Black Lion for a Cup & League double

Cornwallis Cup B – Winners Waterfront 2 – runner ups Maidstone

Congratulations to Waterfront 2 for a Cup & League double also.

Great sportsmanship, friendliness and commitment by everyone – a great night, a great advert for Kent Squash..

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