Being a bad host or an over reaction?

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Hythe 2 vs Folkestone 3

Now I wasn’t there but I did hear a report from a reliable source. If I’ve missed some key info apologies.

Folkestone player drinking double vodka’s on the tab, after 2nd drink home skipper points out politely its not really ok to keep on the shorts and if he wants another drink on the tab it would have to be a beer or something along those lines. Player then puts his own money behind the bar and orders another short. (Nothing wrong with that at all and good on you)
Match finishes and Folkestone leave, something along the lines of ” if you’re not going to be hospitable we’re not staying” And they all clear off at 2145 ish.
I didn’t play in this match but from my point of view (and I very much enjoy a drink after a match) if you want to drink double vodka’s 1 is ok, 2 at a push but its a bit cheeky to say the least, as for everyone clearing off and not staying for food?! Bit of an overreaction me thinks???

Walk Over 20 points fair?

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Had a thought this morning driving down to Southampton at 5:30am, How bored was I?
Here goes, is it fair that a team gets 20 points for a walkover even though it’s not there fault? Example, if a team 3rd from bottom can field a team against a team 3rd from top who cannot field a team, they gain 20 points which seems a little harsh on the teams within the bottom half of the league who must feel penalised also, if your fighting for survival and your nearest and dearest relagation threat picks up 20 points for not being able to play then is that fair? There seems to be to many walkovers which can effect promotion and relegation battles.
Heres an idea, how about any walkovers are looked at at the end of each half, your league position is then taken into account, if you have won 60% of your matches then you receive 60% of the 20 points (12 points), if you have won 20% of your matches then (4 points). I do not think this is unfair as this reflects your current form and league position.

Just an idea. Don’t start shooting as this is not aimed at anybody…..

Posted by John Lawton on March 27, 2012 at 8:42