Kent Over 45s County Weekend

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Kent O45 Miss Out on Promotion


Kent O45 narrowly missed out on promotion to the Premier League at the weekend. The ties were at Redbridge. Although Kent were boosted by the return of Colin Paine who won both his matches comfortably, Kent were still not to full strength especially with the injured Duane Harrison. The squad was however boosted by the debut appearance of Jason Goodayle who also won his games both hard earned long matches. After that the  squad was bolstered by combination of 50 and 55 players. Also debut performance from Pat Burt who battled to a 3 2 win.  Gary as usual had best value for money with 2 five setters and a long 4 set, winning 2 of 3. Graham and Ray both struggled using the old injury excuses for below par performances !


Kent 2 Berkshire 3

Clive London (L)

Jason Goodayle (W)

Gary Marshall (W)

Graham Appleby (L)

Ray Bushell (L)


Kent 3 Essex 2

Colin Paine (W)

Clive London (W)

Jason Goodayle (W)

Gary Marshall (L)

Graham Appleby (L)


Kent 4 Hampshire 1

Colin Paine (W)

Gary Marshall (W)

Graham Appleby (L)

Pat Burt (W)


Final Positions


Essex 47 pts

Berkshire 43 pts

Kent 42 pts

Hampshire 7 pts

Graham Appleby

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County O45 and O55 results

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For those interested (and judging by the levels of keenness to participate that might not be many), the O45 stage 1 (Div 1) weekend took place in Hertforshire (Berkhampstead) over the weekend of Nov 26th-27th.

Kent beat Berks 3-2 on Saturday morning, lost 0-5 to Herts in the afternoon, and lost 1-4 to Warwickshire on Sunday morning. We finished 3rd and go to the relegation group in Feb/March.

Participants (in nomination order) as follows (and yes, that was 4 players only on Sunday):

G.Appleby (Sat)
R.Bushell (Sat)
T.Davies (Sat a.m)
K.Palmer (Sun)
C.Beeching (Sat p.m & Sun)

Captain Graham Appleby deserves a medal and a mention in dispatches for perseverance. Well done Graham.

In addition to the above, the O55 stage 1 (Div 1) took place in Norfolk (Norwich) over the weekend of Nov 5th-6th .

Kent beat Essex 4-1 on Saturday morning, beat Norfolk 3-2 in the afternoon, and beat Sussex 4-1 on Sunday morning. We finished 1st and go to the promotion group in March.

Participants (in nomination order) as follows:

A.Saxer (Sun)
P.Young (Sat)

Captain (Tubby) Terry Easton deserves a chauffer’s hat. Cheers Tel.

Posted by Clive London on November 28, 2011 at 17:34


The Kent County Masters Closed 2011 Results!

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Two new masters champions as Donelan and Appleby take the Over 35s and 45s titles!


Bexley’s Christian Donelan and Maidstones Graham Appleby are the new Kent Over 35s and Over 45s champions respectively.


In the over 35s, Donelan overcome Tunbridge Well’s Colin Payne 3-1 in a tense semi final whilst Colin’s team mate, Jolyon Head upset the seedings, beating Top seed Duane Harrison of Kings, 3-0. The final was very well contested with Jolyon taking a 2-0 lead only for Christian, who never seemed to tire, to pull the 3rd game back and storm through the 4th to set up a tense 5th, which every point was contested like it was match ball, before eventually completing the comeback squeezing the 5th game 13-11 in a high paced match!


In the over 45s, Graham Appleby beat Paul Newvell 3-1, with Newvell once again reminding us how annoying the reverse angle shot is! going for no less that a dozen of these awful shots before losing to Graham in 4 games. In the other semi final, Adrian had mentioned that the 3 previous meetings with Ray had all resulted in 3-2 losses and was looking to change this trend! He started off strong taking a 2-0 lead. However, an hour later both were still on court and despite throwing everything including the kitchen sink at Ray, Ray somehow seemed to get a racket on the ball each time and after 91 minutes of play, Ray emerged victorious winning 10-8 in the 5th game!


Needless to say, both players were noticeably off the pace in their final and 3rd/4th playoff matches respectively due to the previous days marathon match, losing 3-0 to Graham Appleby and 3-1 to Paul Newvell.


Many thanks to all that took part and to Dave Ealham, Alan Thatcher, James Evans and Mark Steeden for their help. See you all next year!


Joe Magor




Over 35s Semis


Christian Donelan (Bexley) beat Colin Payne (T.Wells) 3-1 (11-6, 7-11, 11-7, 11-9)

Jolyon Head (T.Wells) beat Duane Harrison (Kings) 3-0 (11-9, 11-5, 11-6)




Christian Donelan (Bexley) beat Jolyon Head (T.Wells) 3-2 (6-11, 10-12, 11-8, 11-2, 13-11)


Over 45’s Semis


Graham Appleby (Maidstone) beat Paul Newvell (Mote) 3-1 (9-2, 9-6, 2-9, 9-5)

Ray Bushell (Maidstone) beat Adrian Humphries 3-2 (6-9, 5-9, 9-5, 9-2, 10-8)




Graham Appleby (Maidstone) beat Ray Bushell (Maidstone) 3-0 (9-1, 9-7, 9-4)


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Mens O45 Division 1 – Stage 1 results

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Kent O45 county weekend – 28th / 29th November

Having suffered the ignominy of relegation from the Premier division last year, the Kent O45 team were keen to get into the promotion playoff group by finishing in the top two over the weekend of 28/11 – 29/11. Facing Berkshire, Devon and hosts Sussex we all duly trekked off to rainy Chichester.

The Kent lineup for the weekend comprised (in order) Sean Wardman, Clive London, Nick Peel, Graham Appleby and Ray Bushell. A variety of hardy Kent supporters also showed up throughout the weekend, for which thank you. Much appreciated.

Kent v Berks – Saturday a.m.
We started off with a gruelling battle against eventual winners Berkshire. Nick and Ray had marathon battles (most of Nick’s 1hr 35mins consisting of animated debate with the marker)! Nick eventually snatched his tie 9-7 in the 5th. Ray went 2-0 up looking in commanding form, but his opponent then turned up the heat and forced it back to 2-2. Ray got 7-2 up the the decider but was just unable to convert the match going down 10-8 in the last.

Graham looked a little out of sorts in the morning match against an athletic opponent and despite taking the 1st comfortably was unable to make any further impression, going down 3-1. Sean had a tight battle with honours even after two games. A close 3rd was really the decider, with his opponent running out a comfortable winner in the 4th.

The author rounded off proceedings running out a 3-0 winner despite a bit of a wobble at the beginning of the 2nd game. So, off to a close, but losing start with a 16-10 points defeat.

Kent v Devon – Saturday p.m.
The afternoon match turned out to be a rather more comfortable experience. Despite worries about the two marathon participants of the morning session, copious quantities of painkillers were consumed and battle commenced with Nick and Ray. Both had a slow start with Ray sneaking the first but then powering through the 2nd before his opponent tweaked an achilles tendon and had to retire. Nick overcame his slow start to take the next three games although he had to work hard for it.

Graham blitzed his opponent off court in double quick time for the loss of 5 points, but Sean despite sneaking the 1st, was unable to make further progress despite very tight scorelines in the remaining games, eventually going down 3-1.

Once again, the author rounded off proceedings. A pretty comfortable 3-0 win against an opponent who had a disconcerting propensity for eyeballing his opponent, presumably in an attempt (unsuccessful in this case) to psych them out. This left Kent with an 18-4 points win and sitting in 2nd spot, 7 points clear of hosts Sussex and needing only(!) to beat them or lose very narrowly on Sunday.

Kent v Sussex – Sunday a.m.
Bolstered by the support of old faithful Ken Cotton, Kent got off to a “difficult” start. Sussex had brought in a new (and very impressive) no.3 and Nick found himself on the receiving end of some powerful accurate squash, getting scooped up and spat out in 3. Ray on the other hand was lulled into a false sense of security after going up comfortably against Sussex’s perennial bottom of the order surprise package Charles Fuente. He might not look much at first glance but boy is he effective. Once he’d got it going, Ray found himself pegged back and despite the usual 100% effort unable to nick any points, losing 3-0.

So, not looking too good at 2-0 down. Graham went on next against the 1975 National Squash champion, holder of 76 England caps and still going strong at 62 – Phil Ayton. Whilst Phil still plays an incredible game of squash, displaying remarkable mobility from side to side of the court, Graham dominated the match exploiting those 17 years over the age bracket(!) and repeatedly pushing him forward and back. This proved too much for Phil and Graham ran out a comfortable winner 3-0. A small chink of light maybe ?

Sadly, not to be. Sean found himself up against an opponent in no mood to give him anything and went down 3-0. This was a shame as his opponent was apparently a bit “ring rusty” and was knackered at the end. Sadly, his shot quality hadn’t diminished much. With only pride left to play for now, the author took to the court against a fit and very difficult opponent. Everything looked good after the 1st but then he started playing to square the match. A very tough 3rd was sneaked but necessitated a “rest game” in the 4th due to the energies expended. With assistance from the Kent coaching team, the author switched back on in the 5th to take it 9-0. This left us with a 16-6 points defeat.

The overall effect of all this was that Kent failed to finish in the top 2 by 3 points and are now in the relegation playoffs early next year.

Final points tallies:

Berks 49
Sussex 37
Kent 34
Devon 18

Match results as follows:

Kent v Berks

S.Wardman G.Hooper 2-9 9-7 7-9 2-9
C.London M.Wardell 9-2 9-8 9-2
N.Peel V.Paliczka 7-9 9-7 7-9 10-9 9-7
G.Appleby I.Taylor 9-2 6-9 6-9 7-9
R.Bushell N.Osborne 10-8 9-1 2-9 3-9 8-10

Kent v Devon

S.Wardman P.Smith 10-8 6-9 8-10 5-9
C.London N.Bell 9-2 9-0 9-6
N.Peel P.Reeve 3-9 9-6 9-4 10-8
G.Appleby K.Parnell 9-1 9-3 9-1
R.Bushell R.Brown 10-8 9-1 ret’d

Kent v Sussex

S.Wardman J.Bidlake 2-9 5-9 4-9
C.London S.Wall 9-1 7-9 9-6 3-9 9-0
N.Peel D.Martell 3-9 5-9 0-9
G.Appleby P.Ayton 9-0 9-2 9-3
R.Bushell C.Fuente 6-9 2-9 7-9

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