Men’s O55 Inter-County: Southern Promotion Box 2016

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Kent did an excellent job of beating Berkshire, Oxford & Somerset this weekend!

Results attached.

Kent v Berks win 4-1
Clive, Gordon won all matches 3-0 & Mark won two 3-0 & one 3-1
Trevor had a very hard first match & won 3-2 having been two down against Berks.
Nick Peel new to the 55s team injured in the first match & lost 3-0.

Kent v Oxford win 3-2
Arthur came in at 5 for the second match against Oxford & lost 3-2
Trevor found it difficult after his five game win earlier & lost 3-0
Mark Hobday moved to No 3 & won 3-0.

Kent v Somerset
Somerset could only field four players on Sunday.
Clive & Gordon winning 3-0 in their matches secured a win as I had a W/O at 5!
But Mark Hobday having come back off holiday also secured victory with a 3-1 win!

I now call Clive, Gordon & Mark the three Amigos😀

Many thanks to the O55s team for a great win over the week end & their continued support of Kent squash in the inter counties.

Team manager

Download (XLS, 37KB)

Men’s O55 Inter Counties Match 14/15 March 2015

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The Premier Division of the Men’s O55 Inter Counties took place on the 14/15 March 2015 in Coventry.

Saturday 14th
First match
Kent v Yorkshire

1. Clive London played G Martin.
2. Trevor Grant played P Wakefield.
3. Glen Mousley played A Kettlewell.
4. Brendan Touhey played G Trutch.
5. ——————

All our team played well & all lost their matches 3-0!

Second match
Kent v Warwickshire

1. Cive played R Bativala & won 3-0.
2. Ian Watts played C Sheik & he won 3-1.
3. Trevor played G Redfern & he won 3-0
4. Glen played Mo Sarwar he lost 0-3
5. Arthur played P Chapman & I lost 1-3

Sunday 15th
Kent v Northamptonshire

1. Clive played I Holmes & won 3-0
2. Trevor played K Hedges & won 3-0
3. Glen played J Hithersay & lost 0-3
4. Arthur played P Webber & won 3-2
5. —————-

Final Positions

1. Yorkshire 46 points
2. Warwickshire 39 points
3. Kent 29 points
4. Northamptonshire 20 points

Again Kent must thank all players for making & taking the time to play Inter County Squash.
Clive & Glen have always made themselves available.

Thanks to Brendan for making the journey to Coventry & had to get back by train.
Thanks goes to Ian who came straight from a fishing competition but made the Kent side stronger for a team win against Warwickshire!

And thanks to Trevor who if in the country makes himself available.

Sorry that Gordon McManus, Mark Hobday & Gary Marshal could not make the weekend it would be great to see you all next time!

Arthur Harvey

Results Sheet For O55s Relegation Box. 15th March 2014

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Results Sheet For O55s Relegation Box. 15th March 2014


Match 1 Kent v Yorkshire Score Games
1 Clive London   Paul Bennett 3-0 10/8,9/2,9/3
2 Gordon McManus Ripley Oyler 3-0 9/2,9/2,9/4
3 Gary Marshall Andy Stangroom 3-2 8/10,9/2,9/0,3/9,9/4
4 Keith Hibberd John Petruschke 0-3 4/9,2/9,3/9
5 Glen Mousley Ash Dar 3-1 9/4,5/9,9/3,9/3
Result 17-6
Match 2 Kent v Cheshire Score Games
1 Clive London Rick Bowers 3-0 9/2,9/0,10/9
2 Gordon McManus Geoff Walton 3-1 4/9,9/5,9/2,9/4
3 Gary Marshall Mick Broomhill 3-0 9/4,9/2,9/3
4 Arthur Harvey Gary Williamson 1-3 7/9,3/9,9/7,5/9
5 Glen Mousley Clive Harrison 3-0 9/7,9/0,9/3
Result 18-4
Match 3 Berkshire v Cheshire Score Games
1 Paul Bennett Rick Bowers 1-3 1/9,9/7,5/9,7/9
2 Ripley Oyler Geoff Walton 3-1 9/4,9/0,7/9,9/2
3 Andy Stangroom Mick Broomhill 3-0 9/1,9/5,9/6
4 John Petruschke Gary Williamson 3-1 9/2,6/9,9/7,9/3
5 Ash Dar Clive Harrison 0-3 3/9,8/10,6/9
Result 15-8


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Inter County Squash – Mens Over 55 Stage 1 – 20/21 Oct 2012

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Another good weekend for the Mens Over 55 Squash team.

Led by Clive London and Gordon McManus the team negotiated their way to 2nd place in the group and secured themselves a place in the finals which will be taking place on the 23/24 March 2013.

Result of the weekend was beating last years National Champions Middlesex 4/1 on the Saturday afternoon.

Hopefully Captain ‘Arfa’ will get a full write up on here shortly.

Posted by Phill Crane on October 22, 2012 at 16:5

Over 55 Men – Stage 2 results

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The Men’s Stage 2 County O55 event occurred over the weekend 24/25th March at the West Hants club in Bournemouth. A nice venue and the usual struggle for Cap’n Tubby Tel to field a team. This effort was assisted somewhat by the last minute withdrawal of Devon who could get a maximum of 3 players for any tie. So the enthusiasm levels are the same for everyone then!

Nevertheless, a hardy bunch of stalwarts turned up with a sprinkling of welcome support in tow, and beautiful weather to boot.

Kent had got the hardest schedule, playing both matches on the Saturday, with the others having some rest with only one match per day. Kent v Dorset first. Good battling wins at 4 and 5 for Cap’n Tubby and new kid Tom. Arthur was a little too fond of the early drop for his own good, Clive made a meal of the 3rd but won, and Phill battled manfully in his first serious squash for about 2 years to narrowly lose out in a five setter when in very close proximity to the winning post. A good start to proceedings, but looking tough for the afternoon.

Not to be deterred by the morning’s efforts Kent redoubled their efforts after lunch. Clive had a comfortable win, Arthur was eased out by Norfolk’s resident hard man, Phill had nowt left in t’tank after the morning, so the stage was set for a grandstand finish. Tom produced a fine, intelligent display against a very experienced opponent, who has appeared in several national age group finals. A great win.

To cap it all, Cap’n Tubby made sure his threatened swansong was a blinder. Belying his svelte physique, Tel scampered around the court like a spring chicken, frustrating this opponent as much as many others over the years with a virtuoso selection of flicks, dinks, dabs and for good measure (shock horror), some drives.

So, a famous victory getting us back up to the Premier division for next year. Let’s hope the next captain can elicit a little more enthusiasm to participate.

Full results:

Match 1 Dorset v Kent Score Games
1 John Pitt Clive London 0-3 4-9,1-9,8-10
2 David Leakey Philip Crane 3-2 9-7,5-9,9-10,9-1,9-7
3 Lyn Stockham Arthur Harvey 3-1 9-3,5-9,9-4,9-3
4 Keith Chambers Terry Easton 1-3 7-9,9-5,5-9,4-9
5 Mike Stannard Thomas Candy 1-3 3-9,9-6,5-9,7-9
Result 8-17
Match 2 Kent v Norfolk Score Games
1 Clive London Mike Livock 3-0 9-2,9-1,9-2
2 Philip Crane Peter Scott 0-3 0-9,2-9,0-9
3 Arthur Harvey Vince Somers 1-3 9-2,2-9,8-10,5-9
4 Terry Easton David Cook 3-2 7-9,9-1,5-9,9-5,9-2
5 Thomas Candy Martin Pearse 3-2 9-5,7-9,9-7,9-10,9-3
Result 15-10
Match 3 Dorset v Norfolk Score Games
1 John Pitt Mike Livock 3-1 2-9,10-8,9-0,9-0
2 David Leakey Peter Scott 2-3 9-6,9-6,0-9,8-10,1-9
3 Lyn Stockham Vince Somers 3-1 9-2,7-9,9-3,9-5
4 Paul Kearley David Cook 1-3 3-9,9-5,4-9,6-9
5 Charles Rutter Martin Pearse 2-3 9-0,9-6,7-9,1-9,6-9
Result 11-16
Final Places Ties Points
1 Kent 2 32
2 Norfolk 1 26
3 Dorset 0 19
4 Devon withdrawn 0 0


Posted by Clive London on April 3, 2012 at 17:30

O/55 Mens Premier Stage 1 Results

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We always new this was going to be a tough weekend we were not disappointed.
1st Match against the host Hertfordshire.
Phil Crane 3-1 win. Peter Willmor 1-3 lost. Ian Smith 1-3 lost. Arthur Harvey 2-3 lost. Peter Lewis 1-3 lost.
All very tough matches good win by Phil. Looking forward to our next match against Middlesex.
2nd Match against Middlesex.
Phil Crane 0-3 lost. Peter Willmor 1-3 lost. Ian Smith 3-1 win. Arthur Harvey 2-3 lost. Keith Hibberd 3-1 win.
Well played Ian & Keith giving Kent a good start by winning the opening matches, Arthur was looking good until he pulled his hamstring and narrowly losing 3-2.
All was not lost we picked up enough points in the first two matches and could get to the final weekend if we achieved a good win against Surrey Sunday morning and with Ken Randall being able to play we were going into the match with a positive attitude of getting our frst match win.
3rd Match against Surrey.
Phil Crane 0-3 lost. Peter Willmor 3-2 win. Ken Randall 0-3 (Retired). Ian Smith 0-3 lost. Keith Hibberd 3-0 win.
Again a fine performance by Keith getting the team of to a good start, however due to a hamstring problem Ken had to retire making the match score 1 each. I managed Kent’s only other win by 3-2 a very tight match with all the games going to 9-7.
Final Placing. Surrey. Hertfordshire. Middlesex. Kent.
We all had a good weekend of squash and came away very tired with a few aches and pains our thanks to Hertfordshire for hosting the event.
Next for Kent the relagation weekend 27/28th February.


Posted by Peter Willmor on November 23, 2009 at 12:22


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The Kent Mens O’55 Squash Closed Championships were held on 6-9 November 2009 at Bexley SRC.
The 1st round pitted Ian Smith(Beckenham) against Roger Sulley(Bromley Cricket) and Keith Hibberd(Old Elthamians) against Robert Smith(Nuffield Health).
Ian came through comfortably winning 9/4 9/6 9/3. Keith had some long rallies with Robert but was just to quick for Robert and won 9/5 9/0 9/1.
In the 1/4 finals Peter Willmor(Nuffield Health) beat John Lowe (Cascades) 9/1 10/9 9/0 after a very close 2nd game.
Ian Smith played new boy Glen Mously (Hythe) and won through 9/3 9/0 10/8 after a spirited come back in the 3rd by Glen.
Arthur Harvey(Folkestone) played Peter Lewis(Bexley) and after a see saw match won 9/2 9/3 7/9 8/10 9/4.
Ken Randall(Maidstone) beat Keith Hibberd 9/5 9/5 9/1 the first 2 games were very competitive but Ken stamped his authority in the 3rd.
The semis put Peter Willmor against Ian Smith and Arthur Harvey against Ken Randall.
Peter Willmor took early leads in all his games with Ian trying to catch up but Peter sneaked it in 3 very close games.
In contrast Arthur Harvey and Ken Randall had some long and punishing rallies. Early on in the match Ken had suffered a slight hamstring strain and this was beginning to tell in the 5th and after struggling with his mobility Ken lost 9/2 9/10 9/6 6/9 0/9.
The final between Peter Willmor and Arthur Harvey proved a dissapointment. Peter was in control for most of the match except at the beginning of the the 3rd when Arthur was 4-0 up.
Peter then gained the initiative with his trade mark backhand drops and lobs and Arthur could not reproduce his form against Ken in the semis.
Peter ran out a worthy winner 9/3 9/3 9/4 and regained the title.

Peter Lewis
Kent O’60 Captain