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Why go to Canary Wharf to see brilliant squash, the Cornwallis area cup finals at Rodmersham SC had it all, guts and thunder, injury, disputed calls, rivalry, wind-up’s you name it and it was there.

And at the end of it all a trophy, cheap drink (£3.80 a bottle at Canary), great chin wag with everybody, all friends again, another pint, and then food provided by the league.

Many thanks to Simon for hosting the finals, and the great spread of food, you did us proud.

Before the finals each team ask for there playing order and team names, this was to ensure that everybody was playing in there correct position and team, unlike some other Cup finals when players play down two teams and three divisions, its called fair play.

And so on to the finals results

 Main Cup – Rodmersham 1 beat Maidstone 1,   3-2

John Brewer vs. Josh Masters  2-3 John retired with a sprained ankle.

Neil Baker vs. James Cray 3-0  –  9/3 9/1 9/1

Tom Woods vs. Graham Appleby 3-0  –  9/1 9/2 9/5

Martin Clark vs. Ray Bushell 3-1 –  9/10 9/3 9/2 10/8

Ian Wright Cup results – Rodmersham 2 beat Mote 2,   4-1

Ian Hatch vs. Simon Humphries 3-0  –  9/7 9/5 9/2

Mark Hobday vs. Jeff Tyson  3-0   –  9/1 9/3 9/0

Paul DeBoos vs. Dave Seaman  1-3   –  9/4 5/9 5/9 8/9

Mark Jones vs. Paul Jenner  3-0  –  9/1 9/1 9/1

Richard Cooper vs. Joe Wheatley 3-0  –  9/5 9/5 10/8

Mike Westrup Cup results – Fitness first 2 beat Biddenden 2,  4-1

Dave Millward vs. Tom Swain  3-1  –  9/7 9/5 5/9 9/5

Mike Watson vs. Phil Carter snr  3-1  –  9/3 3/9 0/0 9/3

Andy Scott vs. John Greig  3-0  –  9/2 9/4 9/6

Darren Trebble vs. Simon Ashby 2-3  –  5/9 5/9 9/3 9/8 7/9

John Sargeant vs. Phil Carter 3-0  –  10/9 9/1 10/8

Great night lads and great to see so many supporters.

Posted by Len Locke on March 24, 2012


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The Outer Kent Cornwallis Finals were held at Rodmersham last night with all matches well attended and supported. Results are as below:

Cornwallis Main:


Rodmersham 1 beat Waterfront 1 


Neil Baker V Duane Harrison         1 – 3

John Brewer V Mark Steeden        3 – 1

Tom Woods V Matt Badger            3 – 2

Martin Clark V Stuart Eastman       3 – 0

Craig Blundy V Graham Cutting     3 – 1



Cornwallis A:


Rodmersham 2 beat Biddenden 1  


Mark Hobday V Gary Marshall        3 – 1

Ian Hatch V Herbie Morgan            3 – 0

Thommo V Pat Burt                        2 – 3

Mark Jones V Robin Wilson            3 – 1

Paul Deboos V Chris Gorman         3 – 1



Cornwallis B:


Rodmersham 4 Lost Black Lion 3 


Jerry Whatford V Phil Fray           1 – 3

Dan Brown V Damien Cassin        3 – 0

Angie White V Selwyn Fisher       1 – 3

Amelia Henley V Stan Hunt          3 – 2

Cathy Henley V Dave Brewer       2 – 3


A very good turn out from both home and visiting supporters.

Many thanks to the Rodmersham management for supplying balls and courts free of charge and the excellent spread of food, Len Locke for managing the Cornwallis competition throughout, Graham Appleby for organising the trophies, Geoff Walker for paying the bill, last but not least, all the players for giving their all on a successful evening.

 posted by HS on April 1, 2011 at 11:06

Outer Kent Missed Games

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I see Maidstone have missed 2 matches out of the first 5 already.

I would like to remind all of the Outer Kent teams of the way Maidstone won the summer league. Nick Peel took the time to claim all of the last 40 points available from Mote and Rodmersham, without trying to re arrange the games, also taking the time to add into the league tables 9:0 9:0 9:0 scores in all sections. I am not 100% sure about the Mote result entered, but Rodmersham left messages with the club, emails and also on NP’s mobile but had no response back. We found out they would not re arrange when we saw the league table. Nice…

Maidstone also asked Rodmersham if they could re arrange their upcoming match with us too. We obviously were a little reluctant and have told them it’s the arranged night or we claim the points.

My question is, should any matches be re arranged. I guess Maidstone believe they should if it’s them that needs to, but what about everyone else?

Surely if you can’t get a regular team, then don’t enter.

Posted by Tom Woods on November 15, 2009 at 10:47

Outer Kent Rules – again

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Just not sure on the order of merit rule thats been added, and why it’s obviously not being followed even by Len Locke who runs the league.

I have just seen Mo Soliman played 3 for Blacklion in division 2 and won easily, the same Mo Soliman who played for 2 teams in the summer on 5 occasions, and also the same Mo Soliman who took a game off Steve London and narrowly missed taking it to 5, playing number 2 for Fitness Firsts Priory team.

Come on Len if you are not playing by the rules and you run the Outer Kent League then what hope is there for any other teams to play fair.

See the rule below


Teams are required to play in order of merit. Captains should arrive at a fixture with their playing order written down to exchange with the opposition Captain. Any team knowingly arriving at a fixture with four players will be deemed to be without their number 5 etc. This match will be scored 3 – -1 If a player does not arrive by the end of the fourth tie, his tie and all below his position will be awarded to the opposition at a score of 3 – 0. In the event of three players only turning up this match will be scored 3 – -2.

Note: If due to mis-registration or improvement / loss of ability or form of players the team’s order of merit is not correct. Then it may be changed to achieve the correct order of merit. However to achieve this players may not change place by more than one position (relative to the same players) in any two consecutive matches. Should two players have very similar ability a decision on their relative order of merit should be made and then adhered to for a reasonable time (i.e. for several matches). The temporary indisposition of a player does not justify that player being played out of position.

Posted by Tom Woods on October 24, 2009 at 10:06

Why don’t Outer Kent and Priory have the same rules?

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Would it not be a better idea to run Kent under one set of rules, making it easier for the teams who play both divisions to know exactly where they stand, and also stopping any “you can’t in the Priory” type comments.

I think the Priory rules seem a little stricter than the Outer Kent and that can only be a good thing. Keep it all nice and straight forward.

Posted by Tom Woods on October 9, 2009 at 14:55