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News travels fast.

After Tim Garner’s Gallery column in the latest issue of Squash Player magazine I received the following email today:

I am a squash player and board member at the Massachusetts Squash Association in the USA. I just recently heard that Kent Squash adopted HI-HO scoring for your leagues.
That was great and welcome news as there are a lot of us here in Massachusetts who feel that PAR11 scoring created league matches that were too short for optimal fun and fitness. 
Consequently, our association just established a rule that the visiting team can elect either HI-HO, PAR11 or PAR15.
We wanted to give a visting team an opportunity to play a longer match after making a special trip to a club for a league match. We are trying this as an experiment this year.
Please forward this through to any squash players in your community so that they understand that there are squash players and at least one other association trying to establish scoring systems that are appropriate for the occasion (league and tournament), age (young and old) and ability (beginner to expert).
Also, I understand that New Zealand Squash has adopted a more flexible approach to scoring as well.
Finally, did you receive any positive or negative feedback on the reinstated HI-HO scoring?
Richard B. Schafer, Esq.


PAR or HiHo

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Well the online vote appears to be corrupt. Apparently you can vote more than once if you log in and out.

To get a clear result on this it would help if those who wish to vote for one of the systems could simply post to this thread stating their preference of PAR or HiHo.

Please do not vote under a pseudonym, let’s keep it fair and square.

I’ll start it off by stating my preference.


Posted by Phill Crane on June 16, 2010

Early PAR adopter returns to HiHo for League Squash

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Northumbria Squash

PAR Scoring Changes

After the AGM on wednesday the 9th of June the main item of discussion was PAR scoring. This season the Premier league used PAR scoring and after getting the opinion from team captains it was decided to go back to english scoring to 9.

It was however decided that Northumbria squash would run all tournaments through the year as PAR scoring.

Does anyone know of any other counties/districts that have gone back to HiHo ?.

Or Is this the first of many !!!

Posted by Terry Easton on July 7, 2010 at 14:22

PAR scoring = less squash

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I’ve read the other topics ion this and I’ve accepted that we’re ‘giving it a go’ for the summer season. After all, what harm can it do to try?


Well I’ve just come back from a game that could have lasted an hour but in fact lasted 26 minutes. I can honestly say (with no disrespect to my opponent) that I considered dropping a game so we could get a bit more time on court. How does that sound, right or wrong?


This game of squash is my one match per week and one that I’m prepared to travel to – BUT if my time on court is significantly reduced I’m going to veto any moves to continue PAR and will campaign for others to do so too.


I know this might seem like old news but now that we’ve tried it (albeit for two weeks) I challenge anyone to come forward and give a sensible reason why you want to shorten down your precious time on court? If you’re a little overweight and always found it a struggle to last the distance then sure I can take that. But why were people like Mark Steedon, Matt Badger and others wanting to go for this when I know first hand that they enjoy a good hard match as much as the next. 


There are many silent viewers of this forum but if you agree or disagree, please speak up because your opinion counts


I’ll wrap up by saying PAR is great for pros and televised sport but not for us guys in Div 1, we’re not pros (exclude about 4 players from a total of circa 50).



Posted by Mark Lennox on May 25, 2010 at 23:17

PAR Scoring

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 have just watched the first squash match using the PAR system. How can you justify paying match fee and the match lasting just 20 minutes? It is a joke; I will not waste my petrol again to watch PAR scoring. It will ruin squash. As all the other people watching agreed with me.

Boring……. What idiot put this forward and what idiots agreed with it?


Posted by Camilla Young on May 24, 2010 at 7:52

Taking a chance!

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Ok, so the summer leagues are going to start soon.

Let’s try PAR scoring for both Priory and Outer Kent leagues this year.

Division 1 up to 11 and the rest up to 15, still best of 5 obviously!

And then at the end of the summer we will be able to have a proper informed view about the whole PAR issue.

What damage could it do? Exactly – None !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Duane Harrison on May 5, 2010 at 18:42

SAWSS – a new scoring system developed by Armstrong Consultancy Inc.

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Here yee, here yee, Armstrong Consultancy Inc have worked out a compomise scoring system to suit all squash players in Kent and around the world.

SAWSS – Server And Winning Shot Scores

Same as the tried and trusted Hi-Ho / SOS (Server Only Scores) but you also win a point when you play a winning shot irrespective of who served.

The definition of a winning shot could be one where the opponent fails to get their racket to the ball before the balls is deemed dead.

SAWSS could be played to 11 in the higher divisions and 15 in the lower divisions.

I trust that we will now all see the light of this eureka moment and adopt this winning scoring system asap.

You know it makes sense.


Ian Armstong – CEO of Armstrong Consultancy Inc

Posted by Ian Armstrong on September 10, 2009 at 14:15