The Players League results are in

By 5 October 2012 August 23rd, 2014 Forum

The July – October Kent Individual Players League has now ended. For any one who hasn’t seen the league it can be found on this site under Leagues > Players League.

It was again hotly contested with some very interesting results. So a huge well done to everyone that took the time out to get their game played. And if you’re wondering why I only played 1 match (which you’re probably not), I had to pull out through injury 🙁

Now that the league period has ended I can share the results (below).

The new league will run from October 10th – December 30th. I’ll assume all current league players would like to re-enter apart from those that have contacted me directly. If you did not play in the the most recent league and would like to enter, please reply to this thread with your interest.

I will work out the new player divisions based on results (most importantly), drop-outs and new entries. And as always, I’ll try to ensure players of similar standard are matched up.

Now obviously this is not my league it’s yours, so do let me know your feedback please!



Posted by Mark Lennox on October 5, 2012 at 18:21

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